Stormwater BMPs

Did you receive a letter from the city that you need to have your stormwater system checked?

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Stormwater is rainwater and melted snow that runs off streets, lawns, and other sites. When stormwater is absorbed into the ground, it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers. In developed areas, however, impervious surfaces such as pavement and roofs prevent precipitation from naturally soaking into the ground. Instead, the water runs rapidly into storm drains, sewer systems, and drainage ditches and can cause:

• Flooding;
• Stream bank erosion;
• Increased turbidity;
• Habitat destruction;
• Changes in stream flows;
• Infrastructure damage;
• Combined sewer overflows;
• Increased water pollution.

Proper stormwater management is imperative in Virginia and the responsibility of the business, municipal and residential sectors. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are a method by which the adverse impacts of development and redevelopment are controlled. Raising awareness of current stormwater BMP’s can help to:

• Protect the environment;
• Improve water quality;
• Save money.

Venson Tech can assist you in setting up a stormwater management system that meets Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards. If you have an existing stormwater management system, Venson Tech can assure that it is maintained to Virginia’s standards, saving you from costly fines in the future.

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Some Stormwater Systems maintaned by Venson Tech: