Drainage System

Do you need an efficient drainage system for your residence or property?

At Venson Tech, we recognize the importance of managing surface water to prevent damage to property and ensure efficient water flow. The French Drain System is a simple and effective solution to this issue.

Improper water management can lead to issues such as water accumulation, which can make lawn mowing and other activities challenging. Additionally, uncontrolled water can cause damage to building foundations. Our team can assist you in preventing these problems by installing French Drains, which redirect stormwater to the lowest or farthest area of your yard, ensuring proper water management.

Our French Drain installation process includes the following general steps:

The installation process's general steps are:

• Identifying the best location for the water to flow;
• Excavating a trench that leads to the chosen location;
• Installing a perforated pipe in the trench to allow for water penetration and drainage;
• Filling the trench with gravel to provide permeation and cover the pipe;
• Relocating the previously removed soil and sod back to their original location.

At Venson Tech, we take pride in providing high-quality services to our clients and ensuring that their needs are met. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your property's water management system is efficient and effective, allowing you to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape.

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Drainage system installed by Venson Tech: