Drainage System

Do you need an efficient drainage system for your residence or property?

The French Drain System consists on a simple and efficient practice for a better water flow.

The surface water must be properly directed so it will not accumulate on unwished places, as it can inhibit lawn mowing, etc, and infiltrate on the ground, possibly damaging building foundations.

Venson Tech can help you prevent all that with the installation of French Drains, which will redirect the stormwater to the lowest or the farthest spot on the yard or area.

The installation process’s general steps are:

• Identification of the best spot for the water to flow;
• Excavation of a trench that leads to the chosen spot;
• A perforated pipe is installed on the trench, so the water can penetrate and drain;
• Gravel is used to fill the spaces around the pipe and allow permeation;
• The removed soil and sod are relocated back to their place.

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Drainage system installed by Venson Tech: